About Us - サークルについて

What is 28 Circle? 28とは?

I started 28 Circle in August of 2015, because I was tired of normal Japanese-English language exchanges. I believe the best way to break the ice and get to know people is to bond over activities, and games are one of my favourite ways to do it.


What do you do at your events? イベントで何をしますか?

On our game nights, we play board games and video games. Games are typically in English, so Japanese knowledge isn't required, but helpful when explaining rules to Japanese members. We have a couple of Japanese games too that are easy to learn!


How can I join? 参加希望です!

We always welcome new members! However, to continue to provide a safe, fun and relaxing environment we have to know who you are first. Therefore, you'll need to apply to our Meetup group. Please introduce yourself and mention why you want to join. Hopefully see you there!