Games List - ゲーム表

These are some of the games we play at Riddle Room. 28ゲームナイトにやるゲームは以降です。

Strategy Games (Easy)

Blokus - ブロックス

Players: 2-4

Claim as much territory as possible with your coloured blocks, making sure you only touch the corners.



Strategy Games (Medium Easy)

Splendor - 宝石の煌き

Players: 2-4

Splendor is a game of chip-collecting and card development. Buy cards with chips, and use those cards to buy more expensive cards. First person to 15 points ends the game.


Party Games (Easy)

Code Names - コードネーム

Players: 4-10

Two teams, red and blue, compete to find clues. Good for learning English words.


Party Games (Hard)

Werewolf - 人狼

Players: 8-75

As a villager, seek the truth about your fellow players. As a werewolf, bluff your way to safety.

騙すスリルと見破る快感! 究極のトークバトルゲーム。

The Easiest (Everybody knows these)

Jenga - ジェンガ

Uno - ウノ